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futurs composés

Through a shared artistic curiosity which values process and discovery, we aim to define new ways of being and seeing - where imagination seeds can germinate and grow. 8085 is a collection of thoughts-sensations on possible futures.

The snow that grows as the wind blows From any direction, it persists and sustains Retains what it believes to have own And this journey of colours, may have its own zone As this journey is still young and has many stories to unfold Many stories to be told as it matures and grows

Vocalize your sensations

As they are the string that keeps moving

With how your heartbeat is in deep grooving

As it drums along to your foundation

As the movement of the week

Has brought you to many life stations

Inhale and exhale

As we are in pursuit

In whatever life has put in your faces

Cashing in on what we believe

Rooted in what we seek

In the manifestations

That we decide to speak

May the journey make us bloom

As the fruits that have entered as we grew

That the nectar and it sweetness

Give us something to cherish while we are gloom

May the seeds from the fruits

bring us growth from the depths of our roots

As your heartbeats, what attributes

Or rather which attributes

Are you setting loose and diffuse,

As the day runs loose?

Another day

Another set of emotions to wave

wave into a sense of relax

relaxation to an escape, where timelapse

the need to fret

is unwind by ways of the reset

staying calm, staying warm

inducing all areas to one’s grace & charm

morning get ups

feeling like if there was a mountain

then you can fly over the top

with the extra boost, extra jolt

feeling as if you sip on energy juice

as that inner voice is ready to emote

get your vibes going on, time to promotes

and as previously mentioned

let the sun be in your skin and soak

all that good, rather great reminder

that if yesterday was partially gloomy

today will be brighter

HD,1080P, the vividness is desired

tighter as it sets the timer

for you to be a decider

of what you desire

of what you require

as one wonders

what makes the world this beautiful

what makes your heart full

where every fibre in your body

is understood

partaking in the events that take place today

as the hope

as the faith

makes everything going to be okay

Is there really more than meets the eye?

Is there more layers to me then you think resides?

More than just emotions?

More than just sensations?

More than just these blocks of code

These stanzas of words

These canvas of thought that rolls

Rolls in into rows

That contains what we consider a story?

Are we trying to define this as glory?

As honour? That can simply be found on a corner

Are we just looking for someone to blame

For these emotions that may not be tame

I am not looking for a better view outside

Not looking for fame

Or something extra claim

Just looking for something that is humane?

Something that I can hold

While taking this ride

While looking onto the sky

That highs

As we take this flight

Not knowing which direction will be right

Or wrong

Or rather left

Or be left I should say in these depths

In this portion of the ocean

As I can't swim

Maybe there is a magical spell

That can bring forth portions

That can help gain this win

Mixing the colours together

Merging textures

As if the brus his a feather

Fine printing the features

Turning simple elements

Into mythical creatures

Beyond concepts

That transfers to the digital and physical

The lens doesn't have to be critical 

Bringing depth to the contents

As they lead to different response sets

From the lectures to the gestures

To the sentiments that lead to the experiments

Which transpire into developments

As the inner fire

Greatly inspires

As they admire to aspire

The rest of the flow

The rest of the glow

Shining bright beyond those

Those don’t believe in how this is told

Feeling the effects as it may be cold

But even then, it can make enjoyment out of snow

The snow that grows as the wind blows

From any direction, it persists and sustains

Retains what it believes to have own

And this journey of colours, may have its own zone

As this journey is still young and has many stories to unfold

Many stories to be told as it matures and grows

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